You might be using your Facebook wrong


It wasn’t too long ago when blogging became a thing. Starting back in the 90’s, blogging exploded because it cheap, fast, and efficient way to disseminate news. Today, everyone’s a blogger even if they themselves don’t know it. Go outside to the street and ask anyone and they’ll more likely than not tell you that they have a Facebook account. Facebook has more or less become the new way to blog, and I’m confident to say that in a few years blogs will be a thing of the past. Facebook is free and it takes less than five minutes to create a Facebook page. It’s a quick and easy way to share news with people from all over the world, and it’s even easier to raise awareness about one’s self online. When one friend sees that another friend recently liked and or commented on a page they too are likely to at least visit that page, even if they don’t “Like” it.

Facebook is changing the way businesses do social media campaigns and how they advertise in general. The problem is: a lot of companies aren’t doing it right and they don’t know that they’re doing it wrong. According to this article, there are a of couple simple steps that every company should follow when it comes to using Facebook social media marketing.

So like I said before, blogging is huge and there isn’t a company out there today that doesn’t have some kind of blog along with a Facebook account. A lot of times companies create a Facebook but don’t actually do anything cimetiere-----fallout-3with it. They more or less created one to let people know “hey we exist so like us”. What they don’t understand is that they should actually be using that Facebook account to blog about the news that they would normally put on the actual blog site. It’s just like the article said, “Nothing is more of a turnoff than to visit a company’s Facebook page and see that it hasn’t been updated in months, or years even.” On several occasions I’ve looked a company’s Facebook page only to find that the page is void of new posts or any social activity what so ever. I have never bothered following those Facebook pages and over time I’ve forgotten all about them. In an age where social networking is the quickest way to spread news, nothing is more damaging to a company’s reputation than having a dead social presence. It’s basically throwing away customers or whatever potential business they might’ve gotten.

Two other things to keep in mind is telling the difference between when you’re posting too much and when you’re posting too little, and interacting with customers. While it’s true that it’s not good to never post anything new on the Facebook, it’s also detrimental to the company if they post too much. Imagine opening up your Facebook account, and you happen to like NASCAR Racing, and all you see on your news feed is the NASCAR posts. I’m sure you’d get annoyed if you had to scroll down for a whole minute before you see anything posted by friends and family. I’ve lost count of how many times this has happened to me. I hear about a company so I go and check out their Facebook page. I see Too-Muchthat they’re socially active so I decide to “Like” them. Before I knew my entire newsfeed was full of posts from that company and I didn’t even care about half the things they posted. I was left with no choice but to “unlike” them.

This last point, which I think is probably the most important point of, is interacting with the customers. People like it when they know that companies take the time to read their comments, questions, and complaints. It keeps new customers coming because they see that you care, and at the same time it keeps your old customers coming back. Last week I left a computer processor manufacturing company a nasty-gram, because I was extremely dissatisfied with their customer service. No one from the other end bothered getting back to me. In the end, several friends of mine “liked” what I wrote and some even commented. I can guarantee you that that company just lost out on several potential customers.

I think the most important thing to take away from this is that companies need to start paying more attention to Facebook, because that’s where the business is at and it’s only going to grow.

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