A Simple Internet Marketing Strategy That Everyone Should Be Doing


Do you use Krazy glue? Have you used Krazy Glue to make some crazy fixes? If you have then you should submit a photo or story entry for a chance to $40,000! According to a recent article, the adhesive making company started a campaign on Facebook where people can either submit a picture or story about how they used their product to fix something and that submission itself is the entry into the contest. This is a great marketing strategy and I honestly feel that companies don’t use it enough, especially for small companies that just started up and want to get their name out. People like to win free stuff and a lot of times they’ll go to great lengths to win it. There’s nothing more appealing to people than winning a contest by doing nothing more than sharing a picture and a couple words. I, myself, have seen and done several of these already. They ask me to like their page and share the contest on my wall. It cost me nothing and it took a total of 2 minutes or less, but for the company the return is massive.

  1. They have now made themselves known to me
  2. Now that I’ve liked their page I will receive news about their newest products
  3. By asking me to share the contest, they are generating new likes, recognition, and shares from my friends as well.

According to the article, Krazy has received more than 150,000 entries and their Twitter feed almost quadrupled from 700 to 2,700 followers.

That is powerful.

A couple years Burger King did a Facebook campaign similar to this one. Burger King was willing to offer a Whopper to anyone that was willing to drop one of their friends on Facebook. Imagine how that turned out? It completely blew up! People were dropping friends left and right, and it got so out of hand that Facebook had to ask Burger King to stop the campaign cause of how many people that were being unfriended. It cost Burger King almost nothing for to run that campaign, whoppers are cheap, but the return they saw from the campaign from jaw-dropping to say the least.

The point is: businesses and SEO marketers need to start focusing more on these kinds of campaigns. It’s an extremely low cost campaign, but the buzz it can generate is huge. It’s the perfect strategy for start-up companies to get their name out there to consumers.

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